by Dr. Tsugunari Kubo
What does the Lotus Sutra say ?
-This book is dedicated to Kakutaro Kubo and Kimi Kotani -

Beyond the Common Understanding of Buddhism

    I am now over 70 years old, and I have been reading the Lotus Sutra and living my life in relation to it from my childhood until today.
    The Lotus Sutra advocates “the liberation of all human beings.” That liberation, however, is not advocated through any divinity.
    What, then, does “the liberation of all human beings” actually mean? How is it experienced? If the liberation in the Lotus Sutra is not promoted through a divinity, what is the essence of such liberation and how does the Lotus Sutra inspire it?
    In this writing, I would like to explore in detail the kind of liberation that the Lotus Sutra offers.

Chapter  1
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Chapter 2
Chapter 3